Wet & Dry Rot Treatments

At Abba Tectonics we provide comprehensive surveys to help spot the appearance of wet and dry rot. Wet and dry rot is the most frequent and the most serious cause of damage to building timber. Dampness caused by lack of ventilation provides the ideal conditions for dry and wet rot. Here at Abba Tectonics we are on hand to spot the damage before it gets any worse.

The possible causes of wet and dry rot:

  • Inadequate ventilation to sub-floor areas
  • The proximity of the timber to wet or damp walls
  • Rising or penetrating dampness
  • Water leaks such as from sinks and baths
  • Poorly maintained roofs
  • General unwanted water ingress
Wet and dry rot treatments
  • Find out why it's damp
  • Remove the source
  • Make sure the surroundings dry out quickly
  • Remove or repair damaged timber
  • Any remaining timbers at risk of being affected by the dry rot should be treated with an effective fungicide.
  • Where the dry rot has passed through the masonry, it should be isolated using physical containment and/or masonry sterilisation.

Many old buildings will show signs of dry or wet rot. Often the attack is long gone, leaving little but a bit of crumbly wood and old, brittle white strands. Like defunct woodworm, this does not mean an on-going problem. Our trained, experienced surveyors will be able to tell the difference in live or dead strands, and recommend treatment.


We found Abba Tectonics efficient and friendly, their work ethic was professional the whole way through the project.  Colin report and recommendations were very clear and made good sense.  I would have no problem in highly recommending Abba Tectonics.

review by Bob, Belfast

An all round great service from start to finish.  I am very pleased with the work done as recommended by Abba Tectonics' report.  The problem has been solved efficiently and speedily, alleviating a lot of stress.  High recommended!

review by R. Armstrong, Enniskillen

Professional, courteous and efficient with a high standard of work.  Speedy clear report saved a lot of potential damage.  Thank you Colin and Abba Tectonics.

review by Mary, Enniskillen
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