Condensation Control

The first visible evidence of condensation is regular black mould growth.  Wallpaper and decorative surfaces are area where this can be seen.

A musty smell is caused by the mould and the spores and these in turn create respiratory problems.  Timber in sub-floor or roof space areas where condensation occurs can become damp and open to wet or dry rot.

Higher humidity levels in the colder months leaves condensation much more common.  A condensation problem can happen away from the water vapour production area.  Water vapour which is produced in one area can travel throughout the property and condense in a cold room or area.

A typical Irish home in winter:

  • Windows dripping condensation
  • Damp curtains
  • Window sills full of water
  • Wall & Ceilings containing black mould growth
  • Musty odours
  • Clothing with mildew

We found Abba Tectonics efficient and friendly, their work ethic was professional the whole way through the project.  Colin report and recommendations were very clear and made good sense.  I would have no problem in highly recommending Abba Tectonics.

review by Bob, Belfast

An all round great service from start to finish.  I am very pleased with the work done as recommended by Abba Tectonics' report.  The problem has been solved efficiently and speedily, alleviating a lot of stress.  High recommended!

review by R. Armstrong, Enniskillen

Professional, courteous and efficient with a high standard of work.  Speedy clear report saved a lot of potential damage.  Thank you Colin and Abba Tectonics.

review by Mary, Enniskillen
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