About Abba Tectonics!k

Abba Tectonics is a small family run business with over 20 years experience in all aspects of treatment of woodworm, dry and wet rot, damp proofing and condensation control.

Our business is situated in Belfast and Enniskillen. Our location allows us to cover all of Northern Ireland and the border counties.

When you entrust your property to Abba Tectonics you can be happy it is in the hands of an experienced specialist with knowledge aquired over decades.

The company has vast and wide ranging experience in the repair of both privately owned and public sector housing.

Our Treatments carry a long term guarantee and a high quality result is assured.

Rainfall in this part of the world can be considerable and persistent. Rain can fall for over 200 days in some areas.

Penetrating damp and rising damp can be prevalent in areas with high rainfall, while condensation problems can be more evident in colder parts.

If dampness is not dealt with the end result can be wet rot, dry rot and in some cases woodworm.

Abba Tectonics are here to help you solve the problem!

At Abba Tectonics we are a small family run business with over 20 years' experience in all aspects of woodworm, dry and wet rot treatments, damp proofing and condensation control.

All older homes need damp proofing to protect internal decorating services. We excel in providing common sense, professional surveys to identify problems and always ensure competitive prices on any treatment which carries our 25 year guarantee.

Our woodworm treatments and damp proofing services include:- woodworm treatment (pesticide/insecticide treatments), damp proofing, chemical and electronic damp proof systemsdry and wet rot treatments and condensation control.

Being an established damp proofing specialists for 20 years we know rising damp can occur for a number of reasons. All older houses should have a damp course in any existing walls and a damp membrane in any solid floors. All bricks and mortar are porous, allowing damp from the ground to travel up the walls. Capillary action or rising damp slowly destroys internal plaster and decorations and potentially could wreck your home.

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We found Abba Tectonics efficient and friendly, their work ethic was professional the whole way through the project.  Colin report and recommendations were very clear and made good sense.  I would have no problem in highly recommending Abba Tectonics.

review by Bob, Belfast

An all round great service from start to finish.  I am very pleased with the work done as recommended by Abba Tectonics' report.  The problem has been solved efficiently and speedily, alleviating a lot of stress.  High recommended!

review by R. Armstrong, Enniskillen

Professional, courteous and efficient with a high standard of work.  Speedy clear report saved a lot of potential damage.  Thank you Colin and Abba Tectonics.

review by Mary, Enniskillen
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